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Friday, June 22, 2007

Cedar Point

The day before yesterday, we all got up early, and I mean really early, and went to Cedar Point. We all rode the Maverick and it was awesome but, it took me and mom forever the night before to find something to put stuff in that we wanted to carry with us in the park. I needed something that could fit my glasses and the pair of socks that I just started. That's right, I knit in the lines to get on roller coasters. She ended with a small purse. I ended up with a pair of men's cargo shorts but hey, they're really comfy and I can fit loads of stuff in my pockets like gum, glasses case, cellphone, dramamine (i get car sick on long rides), a copy of the pattern for the socks that i have in my other pocket, and a pencil (still not sure when that got in there or why) all in one pocket.

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OK, I admit not all of that I did at Cedar Point. I did do a few rows today and yesterday. so, cut maybe an inch off of that and that's how far I really got. But, I didn't really stand in many long lines so, I didn't get a lot of time to knit. The only ride that I rode that had a long line we used the parent pass to get on it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Not what I planned

OK, so I had this nice long post about how I have too many socks, and stuff, but, apparently, some pictures on Mom's computer are screwed up. And of course, I deleted all the pictures off the camera when I put them on the computer. So, instead, I'll write about something else.

The past few weeks, I've been trying to set up a knitting group with a few of my friends from school who want to learn/ already know but need some help. So far, I've got my friend, Chanel helping to get people who are interested. She's very enthusiastic so, that helps because I'm so not. She already knows how to knit but, she says she's got a problem with accidently increasing stitches somewhere along the line. Also coming is my friend, Emily P. She was in Japanese 1 class with Chanel and me. Her Grandma taught her how to knit and I taught her how to purl in class (Sensei wasn't too happy). She kept stealing the sleeves I was knitting (for my Under the Hoodie sweater but more on the sweater when I have pictures.) to practice. But, anyway, we're meeting for the first time tomorrow and I'm really excited to go knit with some people my age. It's not that I don't like knitting with people like Mom's age and like the ladies in the knitting guild but, it'll be nice to hang out and knit with a group where I'm not the youngest.