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Saturday, November 03, 2007

All about finishing

15 minutes ago, I finished my Cap Shawl!!! It's really big, like ginormous. And it's only only going to get bigger when I block it. The only place big enough in the house would be my parents bed so, I have to wait to block it until the bed is free (my dad sits on his bed when he watches tv). Back in June, when I started knitting it, I had this insane idea I could finish it before the leaves would fall. Uh, yeah, obviously that didn't happen. It probably would've been done sooner if not for a few minor setbacks like misplacing my spindle and having the cable on the circular needles I was using (Knit Picks Options) break and drop a section and a half of stitches. But, looking at how big and pretty it is, I can't help but feel good about the way it turned out. As promised, here are pictures of fiber.

alpaca and merino roving

This is an alpaca/merino blend I got when we were up in West Branch for the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival. It's the same green stuff Mom is using here. First I got some, then like a week or two later she bought some at a Spinner's Flock meeting (it turned out that the shop that I got it from at the festival where guild members).

alpaca roving

I also bought 6oz of really light 100% alpaca roving from Leah. If I remeber right, she's calling it Night Sky. I love this stuff! It's so soft and airy. I'm thinking it's going to be my next handspun shawl. I think this time, though, I'm going to spin it all up first, then knit with it. And before I even cast on with that stuff, I'm going to knit a shawl with some of the commercial laceweight I got a while ago that's been lying around.

In the mitten department, I haven't cast on yet but, I'm pretty sure I'm going to use that cormo I posted a picture of a few days. Now, I gotta go do that if I want warm hands Tuesday morning.


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