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Friday, November 02, 2007

knittin' in the mitten

In Michigan, we're really starting to get the full effects of fall. Every morning, while walking to the bus stop, I always say something like, "I should really knit myself a hat" or "I could really use a pair of mittens." And Graham always asks, why don't I?
So, this weekend is all about goals. OK, maybe only two goals, but still goals nonetheless.
1st goal: have my Cap Shawl done. Like all-ends-sewn-in, ready to be blocked done.
2nd goal: I NEED MITTENS!! I've definitely gotta knit a pair before I have to stand outside in the cold morning and freeze my fingers off.
The Cap Shawl goal is definitely still going on the inspiration of the knitting guild members, as our November meeting is next Wednesday (so close!) and even more fueled by the lovely comments of Laurie earlier tonight at the ThreadBear spinning night. I'm about 1.5 sections from being done, so it shouldn't take me more than a few hours to finish. And the mitten goal is so obviously brought on by the weather.

P.S. sorry no pics today, but it's late, I'm tired so a picture filled post tomorrow.


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