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Sunday, September 09, 2007

4 days down, 176 to go

School. Waking up early. Homework. BLEH. But with the school year starting, good things come too. Knitting Guild meetings started on Wednesday and Mom and I became official members. We have a lot of people this year. So many that next month, we're going to get a bigger room to have the meetings in. Yesterday, we went to the Spinner's Flock guild meeting in Chelsea. It's a long drive but worth it. It was a lot of fun and the people seem nice. Elizabeth belongs to it so, she was there and I got to hang out with her, which is always cool.

Oh, the other day, I finished spinning up the first roving that I dyed.

first try at dying yarn

It's a 3ply worsted weight (colors are a little washed out in pic). It was also my first try at navajo plying. I've been thinking about trying out navajo plying since reading about it on other blogs. I looked up a few tutorials and found only ones on how to do it on a wheel. Since I'm using drop spindles, I just winged it and kinda translated the instructions from wheel to spindle. It's pretty easy and I ended up with enough to make a scarf. The way I split it up, I'm pretty sure that I can end up with a scarf that has two matching ends. I'm thinking, since I have enough scarves, I'll knit it at school and which ever friend of mine likes the colors, I'll give it to them.


  • At 4:47 PM, Blogger Susie said…

    So...you'll be at the fiber fest in West Branch this weekend? I'm looking forward to meeting you and your mom in person. *And* I'm totally geeked that your mom will be a vendor there. I'm not bringing my wheel on Saturday, so I'll have a spindle or two with me. My new fave is the one I bought from your mother.

    I'll be working in Hospitality and will wander around until I find you guys.



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