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Monday, August 28, 2006

A Little About Me

Since, apparently, this blog does not exist unless I post something, this is my first post. I wanted to post some pictures of knitting, but, instead, I guess I'm posting baby guinea pigs.

This is a picture of my guinea pigs, Kiss, Scorch, and Runt when they were a little less than a day old. This picture was taken before Kiss and Scorch had names. It was taken last December, so, they're bigger now. Oh, look, I found a few pictures of stuff i've knitted.This is a felted bag I made for the Sybermom Strollers auction in the Spring of 2004.
And this is a before picture of a bag I made for my friend, Carissa's birthday.
I forgot about her birthday until a little less than a week before it and got the idea that, well, i had a week, so maybe that was enough time to make her a felted purse. For that week, I worked endlessly on that bag. I worked on it on the bus going to and from school. I worked on it in the classes I didn't have with her. I worked on it at lunch (thank god we didn't have the same lunch). I got the bag done on time, but, Mom had to help me with the i-cord. I didn't even know she took this picture until she was looking for stuff i could put on my blog.