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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Now I only have 2 holes!

So, I found my other sleeve, it was in the closet! Frankie or Spooky (Kait's bunny that is currently staying with me) must have dragged it back there. Now, instead of an extra armhole, there are just the proper body and neck holes. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that I got an angora bunny back in September. If you read my mom's blog, you might have seen it, but in case you didn't here's her bad haircut picture:

Frankie after half a haircut

She's evil and occasionally makes an attempt at sorting laundry.

But I found my sleeve like a week ago and sewed the second sleeve on earlier. Now all it needs is a good washing and blocking and it's ready for a photo shoot.

Sometime last month, I was looking through my stash and found the yarn that Robin gave me for my sixteenth birthday. I really like the colors and I've had it for over two years now, so I went looking for an interesting pattern to go with the hand-dyed-ness of it.

hourglass sock

I started the Hourglass socks from Knitty Fall 08. So far, the pattern's great. I love the stitch pattern. It's got cables, twisted stitches, and lace all at once, so it's really interesting. That picture was taken two days ago, I've already turned the heel and started the gusset.


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