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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I've been meaning to get a post up for a while now. on sunday, like a week or two ago, I finished the Arwyn cardigan. And also a while ago, I finished my monkey socks. and I started some other socks. But, I'll do that tomorrow. 373. (ignore that, i just needed to write it down so I'll remember later.)

Monday, April 02, 2007


Yesterday was awesome!!! We went to Ann Arbor to see the Yarn Harlot. It was so cool!!
We left the house at like 10:30 (I woke up at 8, earliest time I've woken up on a none school day). We made sure to get there really early because, last year, we ended up in the overflow room. So, we got to the Ann Arbor Library around noonish. I traded socks with Mom in the parking lot. We were both wearing socks she made but, mine were wool and were making my feet sweat. Hers were the Sock It To Me yarn from elann.com, cotton, so we traded. It probably would have been weirder if we weren't both sock knitters.
When we got inside, there were already people sitting in the first 5 or 6 rows. So, Mom had the good idea to put our bags on seats that already had people sitting around them. She tapped on one person's shoulder and it turned out to be someone she had met online. So, we left our bags on chairs and went to go get something to eat. We came back about an hour and a half later, and got in line to buy Cast Off and got name tags from Dana at OCD.....Knitting (I'm not even really sure if I deserved one because of my lack of posting). I even got my blog Url wrong on the name tag and then realized it after she took the picture of it. I love her Tempting sweater.
We bought books (I got my own because, as Mom put it, I'm a big girl now, so I should get my own book, just don't tell Dad). We sat down and knitted and socialized and then found out that the Harlot was going to be 2 hours late because of problems with her flight. No big deal, it's not like anyone who came didn't have anything to do. It was fun to just sit there and knit and talk. I brought both my Arwyn sweater to work on and the yarn to start the other monkey sock, oh, and my spindle and the purple and blue fiber that I got for my birthday, so, I had plenty to do. I did start the other monkey sock while we were waiting for the Harlot to arrive. Someone even finished something while we were waiting. I only know this because, whoever the knitter was, there was a cheer for them. The library staff must have thought we were going to get bored or something because twice, they paraded some little kids who had been making hats in another part of the library around the room.
When the Harlot got there, she told us of her horrific way to Ann Arbor and talked about knitting. She was hilarious. I hope her day got much better after she got to Ann Arbor because what a day she had yesterday. I think she might have cut her speech short because she was so late. Even though we had to wait, it was an awesome day. It didn't even bother me when I was spinning while waiting in line to get my book signed and I heard someone go, "oh, she's using a drop spindle. Yeah, I just went straight to the wheel." I like my dropspindle, thank you very much.
And, and I got to be completely rude (I only realized I was rude after Mom pointed it out). The person sitting two seats away from me (I didn't catch her name but it think she was a blogger) ended up in line right behind us and instead of introducing myself, I just asked what sock yarn she was using and reached out to touch it. It didn't even occur to me that was rude in like the real world. Is it rude to do that in the knitting world? It was Socks That Rock in January One and I've never seen that yarn in person before.
When I got up to the front of the line and had my book signed, the Yarn Harlot HELD MY SOCK!!!! If Mom hadn't thought of it, I don't think I would have realized it until later but, thank god she did. Mom whipped out the camera and snapped this picture.
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It was AWESOME!! Look, we're hodling each other's socks!!! I don't know how she could stand to wear that sweater because it was hot in that room. I wanted to reach out and feel her sweater but, I think that would have seemed a little too weird. (this is beginning to be the longest post ever.)
After that, we left the library and spent forever looking for a place to park so we could check out the Busy Hands yarn store. We parked far away from it because one, we couldn't find it when we were driving around and two, there was like no parking any closer. They didn't have much in ways of sock yarn but, We found the softest yarn I have ever felt. Malabrigo worsted. I want to make like a stole or wrap out of that stuff. I want something that I could make out of that to carry around with me and pet it and not look like a freak in the eyes of the public (or atleast no more of a freak than I already seem to normal people). We couldn't get anything because mom left her bank card at home but it was ok because we got Starbucks after that.
When we were on the road, driving back home, there was a sign that said "Old US 12". In my head, I was like "There's no US 12. It goes 11 then 13. " It took me a whole few minutes to realize that it didn't mean knitting needles. I think all the knitting got to me.